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Moving a Website from Wordpress to GatsbyJS for better Lighthouse scores

updated December 13th, 2019

Moving your site from Wordpress to a static site generator like GatsbyJS can result in a much faster site and can improve your Lighthouse score that Google states is vital to a website's ranking in search engine results. This post examines the process of moving a website from Wordpress to GatsbyJS.

The starting Lighthouse score for this marketing agency's site is 79, we can do much better than that with a static website built with GatsbyJS.

Wordpress website scores 79 on Lighthouse

To get started, deploy a gatsby starter on Netlify. With our starter instance deployed, make your customizations and push them to git. Your static site has been compiled and can be served at higher speeds. We will add our domain through the Netlify dashboard and run a Lighthouse test against our new site. Lighthouse SEO Scores

That was super-easy. The new site is live, we are seeing much higher Lighthouse scores and we should be seeing more impressions and clicks in the Google Search Console in the coming days.